Senior Software Developer
Descripción del trabajo:
Responsibility Statements: Designs, documents, tests, and debugs software systems and/or applications. Participates in full development life cycle including requirements review and design. Participates in software design meetings and analyses user needs to establish technical requirements. Consults with end users to prototype, refine, test, and debug programs to meet needs. Creates technical specifications based on conceptual design and stated business requirements. Serves as a technical expert on development projects. Identifies and evaluates new technologies for implementation. Maintains documentation for software functionality; project planning; evaluations; budgeting, feedback, and improvements. Provides estimates, budgets, project flow, client updates, and meeting expectations. Minimizes risk, prepares for risk mitigation, keeps projects on track. Manages user requirements and provides timely project updates. Analyzes program codes to find causes of errors and revise as needed. Provides feedback for performance appraisals of team members. Performs other duties as assigned. Complies with all policies and standards.
Job Track Description: Requires formal education and relevant expertise in professional, sales, or technical area. Performs technical-based activities. Contributes to and manages projects. Uses deductive reasoning to solve problems and make recommendations. Interfaces with and influences key stakeholders. Leverages previous knowledge and expertise to achieve results. Ability to complete work self-guided. College or university degree required. General Profile: Requires knowledge and experience in own field. Improves products or services leveraging business knowledge and best practices. Solves complex problems and takes a new perspective on existing procedures. Self-starter, requiring minimal guidance. Acts as a resource for colleagues with less experience. Functional Knowledge Requires conceptual expertise of theories, practices, and procedures. Business Expertise: Has knowledge of best practices and team integration. Aware of the competition and what differentiates them in the market. Impact: Impacts a range of customer, operational, project, or service activities in teams. Works within broad guidelines and policies. Leadership: Acts as a resource for colleagues with less experience. May guide small projects with manageable risks and resource requirements. Problem Solving: Solves complex problems. Takes a new perspective on existing solutions. Exercises judgment based on reviewing many sources of information. Interpersonal Skills: Explains difficult or sensitive information clearly and effectively. Works to build consensus within a team.
Competitive Salary
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