Senior Officer Human Resources
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Why Choose IntraHealth? At IntraHealth, we are a creative global team committed to a humanitarian mission. We are, advocates, health workers and communicators. Program officers, finance experts and technical leaders. We are a passionate and diverse team. We are joined by our belief that everyone anywhere should have the health care they need to thrive. That's why we work every day to improve the performance of health workers around the world and strengthen the systems in which they work. For nearly 40 years in more than 100 countries, IntraHealth has partnered with local communities to ensure that health workers are present where they are needed most, ready to do their jobs, connected to the technology they need, and safe to do their best work. Our programs are designed with a deep understanding and assessment of the context of human rights, gender equality and non-discrimination, improving economic conditions, and population change. The long-term relationships we have built with government, private sector partners and civil society members make our efforts stronger and more effective. Join our team and together we can make changes to global health for everyone.  GOAL OF THE POSITION Responsible for the Human Resources function of the Project, consulting management and internal communication. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  Human Resources Administration: Train and provide induction in the position. Update and manage project employees personnel records. Manage the recruitment and selection processes in coordination with the HR manager. Keep Up To Date the organization chart approved and documenting changes, when they occur. Responsible for keeping job and profile descriptions up-to-date for each position in the approved organization chart. Working with the project HR teams, maintain databases of potential candidates, according to the future needs of the project. Responsible for insurance management to project staff Responsible for human resources systems (UltiPro, Tenrox, others as needed) and induction/training for all staff Salary payments: Prepare monthly salaries and update payment ballots. Review salaries from Honduras, Panama, Guatemala and Regional Office (Outsource calculation) with the HR manager. Review monthly labor benefit provisions for all countries and send to Financial Officers in each country. Reconcile monthly with Outsource. Monitor compliance with employee tax and withholding, processed by Human Resources Officer I. Supervise the administration of employee health insurance policy. Consulting management: Coordinate the process of hiring consultants, with the people responsible for each consultancy. Coordinate the review of the complete procurement dossier with finance unit, prior to signing contract. Share reference term formats and model terms of reference, where they exist, provide induction/training to interested persons Continuously monitor the different steps of the consulting process, to anticipate special situations and solve them. Prepare the evaluation formats of consulting proposals and ensure that the evaluation is carried out in accordance with the terms of reference. Develop the consulting contract formats and their annexes. Be responsible for the consultant records of the project. Be responsible for contract management, coordinate payments to consultants, ensure that they met their deliverables and that corresponding approvals exist Maintaining the consultant database Report monthly on on-the-go consultancies, pending contracting, budgeted total and unpaid balances Talent management in the project Manage the work environment of the organization, develop that IntraHealth is recognized as a good workplace. Promote a culture of teamwork. Define training needs and make proposals for general and specific courses for the position or project. Coordinate special courses for all staff. Propose activities that promote the coexistence of all staff Provide tools for conflict resolution Position the human resources unit as a service and attention center Provide tools to ensure a healthy coexistence in the workplace Communication: Communicate important events, news, additions, transfers and staff promotions Develop a system of communication of staff achievements, communicate it internally and encourage the celebration of achievements Develop a system of exchange of experiences between the different units, to share relevant project information, which crosses lines of units and countries, to promote shared knowledge Manuals Keep updated the human resources manual of each country office and regional office, inform the Chapel Hill office on the corresponding date. Keep the security manual updated for each country office and regional office, as required by the donor, inform the Chapel Hill office on the corresponding date. Security Coordinate the security committee of the regional office. Coordinate that each country office has a security plan. Coordinate that each sub-grantee has a security plan. Budgets Know the project's human resources budget. Know the consulting budget of the project. Training and induction: Induction to new income staff (What is IntraHealth and the project, objectives, mission, vision, values, code of ethics, organization chart, characteristics of the position, description of the position, welcome to the team). Induction to consultants (policies that apply to them, requirements to be met) Induction in human resources techniques, to improve the coexistence in the project (working climate, formation of high performance teams) Training in human resources policies and procedures (IMPACT, goal development, Tenrox, UltiPro). Keep track of mandatory courses for project staff and follow up on compliance with taking them Keep track of optional courses for project staff and make it easier for those wishing to take them to do so Function as an expert in human resources, labor climate, contracts and internal communication Know the labour laws of countries to act as an expert on the subject. Other activities related to your position, which are assigned to you   Benefits IntraHealth International, Inc. is an excellent workplace, offering competitive salaries, generous benefit packages, a pleasant and dynamic environment with a focus on supporting health professionals globally so they can improve the quality of life of staff around the world. To apply and learn more about IntraHealth: http://www.intrahealth.org/section/careers To learn more about Who We are: http://www.intrahealth.org/section/about-us1
Education and Experience Graduated in Psychology, Human Resources, Business Administration, preferably with a master’s degree in Business Administration or Human Resources. More than 5 years of experience working in Human Resources More than 3 years of work experience or with International Cooperation. Previous experience developing consulting contracts (preferably). Experience working with USAID projects (preferably). Staff supervision skills and more than 5 years of experience in personnel management. Intermediate skills in Excel and PowerPoint. Training and presentation skills. Conflict-solving skills. English at an advanced level
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La única manera de aplicar es ingresar a este link y llenar su aplicación: https://recruiting.ultipro.com/INT1028/JobBoard/e2116091-25aa-2eb8-64d2-db11ee75b469/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=d18b781b-327a-400e-9510-3e2388356652
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