Senior Fullstack Engineer
Descripción del trabajo:
We are looking: Senior Fullstack Engineer
Roles & Responsibilities • More than 4+ years of experience in: • Vue.js (Lead is okay with an engineer, experienced with React, if they are willing to learn Vue); • Express • SQL databases • At least 5 overlapping working hours with PST. • Previous experience working on architecture or modelling projects would be a plus. • Tech Stack: VueJs, React, Express, PosgreSQL, SQL Databases Soft Skills • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. • Good analytical skills with a challenging and enquiring mind. • Good communication skills, well organized, persistent and driven to get things done. • Responsible and reliable • Immediate availability • High level of English (80%)
• Full time. • Hiring for Professional services • Home Office Work • Attractive salary
Contact: Send CV with photograph to: jorgediaz@optechpartners.com and rrhh@optechpartners.com, Subject: Senior Fullstack Engineer, add desired salary.
Optech Partners
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