Senior Frontend Engineer
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Job Responsibilities ● To design, document, and implement quality software. ● To document all tests performed prior to delivering a product. ● To support first and third-party system integrations. ● To maintain any data source or configuration needed for any system to operate properly. ● To work closely with Quality Assurance Engineers to automate test scenarios. ● To design abstract and adaptable components that enable code reutilization. ● To ensure data flows are consistent through all applications. ● To follow and further develop coding style guides.
● 3+ years of software development experience. ● 3 years of experience building web services that support business-critical, high-demand, and low latency operations. ● 3 years of experience using REST architectures; GraphQL is a plus. ● 3 years of experience working with Git version systems. ● 3 years of experience working with commercial relational and document-oriented databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc. ● 3 years of experience using first and third-party APIs to build functional and visually aesthetic interfaces. ● 3 years of experience implementing design patterns based on sound enterprise software architectures. ● Experience in JavaScript or TypeScript is a must. ● Experience with modern front-end frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular, PReact, Vue, Ionic, SASS, SCSS etc. ● Working with Agile methodologies. Scrum and Kanban are preferred. ● 2 years of experience working with cloud solutions vendors such as Amazon Web Services or Azure ● 2 years of experience communicating in English both verbally and written
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