Logistics Analyst
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Responsibilities • Coordinate the deliveries on time for the bananas sent to the United States, as per volume requests and purchase orders. • Keep a fluent communication with the broker and trucking companies. • If there’s any delay with the vessels, have enough stock of product in order to fulfill customer needs. • Responsible of get competitive rates from the trucking companies for future business opportunities. Appointments for deliveries: • Request the appointments for the deliveries for each customer. • Inform the customer which day the fruit is arriving to the port. • Keep the trucking companies informed about the appointment times and dates for each load. • Have a track since the product is departing from Guatemala. • Confirm purchase orders via Itrade and make sure the product arrives to it destination. Rates • Get competitive rates from the trucking companies. • Negotiate with each trucking company for better rates. • Advise the accounting department once the trucking company is selected, so they can process the payments. KPI’s and Tables • Send a weekly KPI for deliveries. • Make a graphic for each customer, indicating the % fill in rate. • Elaborate a weekly spreadsheet that includes container numbers, shipping lines and ETA’s, so the finance department can pay all the bill of ladings in time. • Weekly table to the sales representatives with all the container information, including what will be arriving to the customer including future forecast. • Manage the volume and control of deliveries for accounting for Bill’s customers.
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