Backend Developer
Descripción del trabajo:
Job Responsibilities ● Estimation and planning of effort required for the construction of programs ● Research, design and construction of software programs ● Test and evaluate the development carried out (realization and documentation of unit tests) ● Identify areas for improvement and necessary changes in the applications and their development ● Maintain and update existing applications ● Comply with the existing policies and processes established by the organization and all those that are implemented, as well as the modifications that they suffer.
Requirements ● Student of Systems Engineer (3rd - 4th year) ● +2 years of experience in similar roles ● Fully bilingual (participate in meetings in English, give pinions and understand) Qualifications ● Microservices architecture ● REST services ● Unit tests ● Software development and implementation methodologies (Waterfall, Agile) ● Object-oriented programming languages (Java EE from 8 to 10 (mandatory) ● Frameworks (Node.js, Spring) ● Databases (SQL Server, Mongo DB) ● ORM Skills ● Verbal and written communication skills ● Solid critical thinking, attention to detail ● Proficient in finding creative solutions to complex problems ● Collaboration with colleagues, teamwork ● Programming and debugging expertise ● Time management
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