Message from the Rector

Since the Galileo University was built in 1977, we have been committed to our motto “Educating means changing visions and transforming lives”. Motivated by our spirit of innovation and the product of hard work, we have grown to become one of the most important Universities in Latin America.

Being at the forefront of technology is one of our main objectives, as well as educating and training the best professionals in the country through our faculties, professional training bodies and specialized programs.

Full tune to the tenacity of higher education in the globalized world and state-of-the-art technology, are taken as conductors which all of our programs of study, research and supervised practice go through.

Years pass and our commitment grows, because we firmly believe that education is the basis of the development of countries and their realization. We see the future with optimism, we understand that a bright future is being created today. Our success will continue to contribute to the construction of a developed country, with justice and equity for all.

We are a living institution that grows, updates, learns and reinvents itself thanks to the contribution of its people. Because all of us are part of the Galileo University, and by “all of us” we mean authorities, students, professors, administrative staff and graduates.

We invite you to get to know us and live the different experience. At Galileo University, we want you to pursue your passion, to provide the opportunity to discover, create, change, make the impossible possible and we want you to be able to go beyond where many have not yet arrived.