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Galileo University joins Harvard and MIT to offer free online courses of high quality.


Of the world’s top ten universities are in edX

+11 million

Students from all over the world registered in edX


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Institutions of high prestige in education from around the world


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About MicroMasters Programs

Micromaster program, is a series of specialized courses and strategically designed so that the student can accurately strengthen his professional career, it also allows to acquire academic credits to advance towards an academic master’s degree.

It also provides access to high quality education anytime, anywhere, alongside the world’s best universities with international professors.

MicroMaster Professional Android Developer

Become a professional Android Developer as you learn, alongside Google Developer Experts, how to create successful Apps.

MicroMasters e-Learning: it creates activities and contents for virtual teaching

Make effective eLearning for training in organizations, higher education and secondary education.

More GalileoX Courses

Discover and find out more about our free online courses where you will have a variety of topics to choose from. The courses you will see below you can take them in free listener mode or you can choose to acquire a verified certificate for a small fee.

About GalileoX

Galileo University was the first institute of higher education in Latin America to become a member of edX, thus joining the best universities in the world such as Harvard, Caltech, Chicago University, Berkeley, MIT, among others, to offer high quality online courses.

Galileo University, a pioneer in Latin America in e-Learning and the use of technologies for education, contributes to edX with its experience with more than 250,000 students who have used their learning technologies in online courses. This is how Galileo University joins this revolution in education as a leader in open massive online courses, being the first to use cloud education technologies.