About Galileo University

Nowadays, drastic changes, knowledge and technology have become elements that are part of the daily life for the human being, due in large part to the fact that these elements are linked to the whole social, labor and productive process, not only of our country, but of the whole world. In this context, higher education represents a fundamental pillar for developing the skills and acquiring the necessary knowledge required by the new economy. This factor gives the university a very important role, not only for the training of professionals, but mainly for the generation of new knowledge that respond to the needs of an increasingly competitive world.

Galileo University is a superior educational entity, product of more than 40 years of work and constant effort of a select group of professionals headed by Dr. Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., founder and Rector, who has managed to come up with an educational proposal completely different from the traditional one and one which is driven by a very clear slogan: “Educating means changing visions and transforming lives”.

In this context, at Galileo University, the academy is focused on the integral development of professionals and on raising competitiveness. Galileo University has to its credit more than 40 years of experience in the area of university education in our country, initially as a School of Systems Engineering and Computer Science of the Francisco Marroquín University, and now as a house Of higher education committed to the training and preparation of professionals of worldwide recognition.

It was authorized by the Council of Private Higher Education of Guatemala, the governing body of the country’s private universities in October 2000, which makes it the first university in Guatemala with a technology approach. From this parallel authorization, Galileo University has been strengthened with science and technology and in a variety of careers through new faculties, institutes and schools which identify and recognize us as an avant-garde university that has marked, with its work, the competitive insertion of our country into the technological era and into the new globalization of the 21st century.

Throughout the years Galileo University has experienced a very significant growth, which can only be described as “Extraordinary”. The educational community consists of more than 35 thousand students.

Galileo University is led by the founding Rector, Dr. Eduardo Suger, along with an elite academic team, serving more than 35,000 students through a central campus and more than 70 training centers, offering decentralized and high quality education. In addition, the online education system has registered more than 250,000 students from more than 100 countries.

The Galileo University Means

Science and Technology

At Galileo University, being at the forefront of technology is one of our great commitments, which is why we believe that our students should not only study it, but also immerse themselves in it and live it, so they can later put it into effect and create it.

Our students need to be in touch with technology. This is why we are continuously innovating and looking for the most up-to-date information to offer the best learning experiences, through international events, conferences, academic conferences, scientific fairs, and everything related to technology and the reality of knowledge that is experienced worldwide, as an ideal complement to master classes.

The effort made to teach the latest trends in technology has led many of our graduates to lead companies, local or international organizations in the technology industry or to stand out as entrepreneurs.

High Educational Quality

At Galileo University, education is our pillar and the reason of our existence, so we practice an education that motivates the student to: create, innovate, think and question, thus achieving a world quality education. In addition to providing the student with the contents, tools, virtual campus, methodologies and the most up to date and technological resources, we offer an integral educational ecosystem together with highly committed and qualified professors to achieve it.

Our professors are a human capital of high value committed to education. At Galileo University we have several professors with Ph.D.s and master’s degrees, who besides educating are active participants in the research, for the creation of new contents and new ways of thinking.

At Galileo University we encourage self-learning, so that the student can develop skills and competences that are complementary or parallel to his / her learning, so that the professor plays the role of a mentor and the student has knowledge from other perspectives.

Experience and Leadership

Since it was built more than 40 years ago, at Galileo University we have dedicated our efforts to offer an academic offer which is different to what is considered traditional, forming professionals who can generate new technologies, knowledge and who are prepared to successfully face the current social challenges.

At Galileo University, we are an active institution in research, through international projects where we have had outstanding participations and we have worked together with the best universities in the world, such as: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Universidad Carlos III of Madrid Spain, Telecom-Paris Tech of France, Aberta University of Portugal, Graz University of Technology of Austria, Auburn University of the United States, among others.

Leadership in science and technology is the result of a constant effort. In order to become the best we must get involved where the best ones are, that is why we maintain a constant involvement in international conferences of high prestige, which give us the knowledge and experience necessary to be shared later with our educational community.

At Galileo University, we have made strategic academic agreements with universities in the United States, France, Spain, Mexico, among other countries with high prestige and experience in the field of technology. Universities with which we have achieved an exchange of technical and pedagogical knowledge for the benefit of our students and our country.

In addition, we have also signed agreements or obtained certifications with private organizations recognized in the field of technology such as: Microsoft, Cisco, AVAYA, Check Point, among others.

We were the first university in Latin America to be a member of edX, a non-profit organization founded by Harvard and MIT to offer the highest quality education free of charge so we could, in this way, offer courses in English and Spanish in areas of knowledge such as: computer science, technology, administration and management, mathematics, education, among others, reaching more than 250 thousand students from more than 100 countries around the world.

Educational Diversity

The technological advances and the speed at which the world is moving, generate a great challenge for the academy, which we assume with the great responsibility and the professionalism that characterize us. In this context, higher education is the fundamental basis for developing the skills and acquiring necessary knowledge required by the new economy. At Galileo University, we offer a variety of non-traditional careers that respond to the needs of an increasingly competitive world.