Systems Engineering and Computer Science

Our leadership and experience of more than 40 years, make us one of the best universities in the region to become a professional in Systems Engineering. Our graduates are highly valuable and are constantly being called to fill positions in prestigious international technology companies.

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Telecommunications and Teleinformatic Networks Engineering

We live in a connected world, where communication plays a fundamental role for the development of new businesses, devices and equipment. Communication Technology is moving the world.

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Mechatronics Engineering

Galileo University offers you advanced knowledge to master the needs of the modern industry, which requires new professionals with solid knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as: Mechanics, Electronics, Industrial Automation and Integration of Manufacturing Systems, among others.

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Electronic Engineering

Obtain the theoretical and practical knowledge in electronics with high levels of quality, with which you will be able to raise the productivity and the competitiveness of companies. Through the generation of technology to design, plan, develop, integrate, innovate and maintain in operation the electronic systems of various sectors such as electricity, communications, health, transportation, industry and services.

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Renewable Energy Engineering

One of the wonders of nature is energy. Extracting it, processing it and transporting it to where it is needed represents the most important factor in the evolution and technical, economic and social development of a country.

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Industrial Engineering

Be a professional with solid and analytical knowledge that masters each component of a production system, to create efficient and effective systems with high levels of productivity, both in products and services. Likewise, get the design, implementation and improvement of processes to generate goods, services and products that respond adequately to the highest standards.

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Masters Degree in Information Technology with specialization in Information Systems and Database

This master’s degree has been designed to grant solid knowledge in two areas of computer science: Information Systems and Database, which will train a highly qualified professional for the implementation of Computer Systems Architecture to the business model of the company and at the same time be able to design, implement and manage database managers solutions.

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Masters Degree in Industrial Electronics

Technological advances are bringing about significant changes and innovations that are revolutionizing the world. The industry that started with water-driven mechanical production equipment and steam power, are now becoming industries based on the use of cybernetic physical systems called “Smart Factories”.

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Masters Degree in Operations Research

This program has professors with a doctoral degree. In addition, academic exchange programs have been established with prestigious universities from developed countries, through which students are completing their studies and it opens doors to the involvement of outstanding international professionals.

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Masters Degree in Renewable Resources

Renewable energies play an important role in the control of gas pollution and in taking care of the environment, two fundamental objectives for any country. Acquire the necessary knowledge to promote sustainability and help increase the security of energy supply, reducing dependence on importing energy.

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Masters Degree in e-Learning Management and Production

Be a professional with solid knowledge and advanced competencies to direct the direction, production and management of the teaching-learning process assisted by technology. Furthermore, manage to master the various variants, through the tools and knowledge that allow you to create e-Learning initiatives based on current technology.

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Ph.D. in Information Technologies

We train high level research experts in the area of Computer Science. Through an international quality program, using first world research centers as a basis to offer an updated Doctoral level. Our doctoral students and graduates carry out publications and involvement in IEEE and ACM conferences and JCR indexed scientific journals.

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Ph.D. in Sustainable Development

It deepens through the study and scientific research of high level, in the different conceptual approaches to the theme of the sustainable development, from a multidisciplinary perspective. In scenarios that consider the improvement of the standard of living, the rationalization of the State and sustainable development, with the highest technologies, in a globalizing, competitive and of formation of economic and political blocs context.

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MOOC-Maker 2017 International Conference

From November 16 to November 17 in Antigua Guatemala, the most important conference in Latin America in MOOC research will be held. The main focus of the conference will be the future of higher education where MOOCs experts will participate such as: Coursera, edX,...
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IEEE Communication society expert lectures about future of 5G cellular networks

The visit of Dr. Albert Banchs, an expert in Telecommunications, allowed students of the Master's Degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications Engineering to learn about new technology and different methodologies and tools which, in time, will serve as...
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Student of engineering in systems participates as a speaker in droidcon 2017

The passion for research and technological development which he has developed at Galileo University opens the doors for Yosef Maldonado to participate as a speaker at the international Droidcon event, where the latest global experiences in the development of Android...
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About Galileo University

Science and Technology

We are a university recognized in the region because of our experience and technological approach. This thanks to the contributions to research, events, congresses and an up-to-date first world education.

High Educational Quality

At Galileo University, education is our pillar and the reason of our existence, and for this reason we have a high-level faculty, which promotes an education that motivates the student to: create, innovate, think and question.

Experience and Leadership

Since it was built more than 40 years ago, the Galileo University has dedicated its efforts to offer an academic offer which is different to what is considered traditional, forming professionals who can generate new technologies and knowledge.

Educational Diversity

At Galileo University, we offer a variety of non-traditional careers that respond to the demands of the new economy and to an increasingly competitive world.

"We want that the student pursue his passion, provide the opportunity to discover, create, change, make the impossible possible and that can go beyond where many have not arrived."

Dr. Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D

Founder and Rector of the University